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Christian discipleship helps believers grow in the Lord Jesus Christ as they are equipped by His Holy Spirit, who resides within them, to overcome the pressures and trials of this present life and become more and more Christlike.

Flowers on Wye Moutain, Roland, AR

A Journey of Grace

Discipleship is a
journey of grace with
Jesus as our guide and companion.

Prevenient Grace

God prepares the path before us. His hand reaches out and beckons us to him, drawing us into deeper relationship with him. This grace both precedes our response and enables our response. 

Saving Grace

Jesus rescues us from sin and leads us into the truth that sets us free. We receive the gift of saving grace by believing in God. He redeems us, makes us new creation, and adopts us into his family.

Sanctifying Grace

The Holy Spirit empowers us to live a life fully consecrated to God. Sanctifying grace begins the moment we experience salvation. Initial sanctification is followed by spiritual growth in grace until, in a moment of full consecration and complete surrender on our part, God purifies and cleanses the heart. 

Core Principles

Fervent Prayer

Prayer is the bedrock upon which all other ministry efforts are built. As we pray, God inspires us to be actively engaged in the world. Through prayer, we participate in the Holy Spirit’s transforming power, both for ourselves and for our neighbor. By deepening our relationship with God through prayer, we experience the Holy Spirit’s guidance and find greater measures of spiritual growth and direction. Through intentional, specific, and consistent prayer, the body of Christ becomes the eyes, hands, and feet of the Savior.

Compassionate Outreach

Compassionate outreach reveals God’s love for humanity. God is continually reaching out to prepare people’s hearts to receive salvation. It is a disciple’s care for nonbelievers, both local and global, that places a face and hand to God’s grace and love. Therefore, a disciple’s authentic and loving relationship with non-believers is essential to communicating the beauty of God’s grace and salvation. Outreach is every disciple’s calling. 

Comprehensive Biblical Learning

Learning the Scriptures, through individual and group study, helps disciples to become more like Christ. When we study the Word of God, which is active and living, we uncover who God is, how God loves, and how we are to love others. In doing this, we allow God to speak to us, mold us, and sanctify us. When we allow the Word of God to transform us, we are modeling to others the importance of learning God’s Word.

Intentional Mentoring and Equipping

Mentoring and equipping is a discipleship process that introduces new believers to Jesus and reveals how to follow Him personally and fully. Mentoring is a loving way to teach accountability and introduce non-believers to the full knowledge of Christ. All disciples are challenged and continue to grow and become Christlike when every disciple is providing and receiving mentoring.

Authentic Relationships

The core of our faith and life is to love God and love others. When we know we are unconditionally loved by God and unconditionally loved by one another, unity in the Body of Christ results. This unconditional love knows no cultural, generational, or structural bounds. This unconditional love is made possible only through the working of the Holy Spirit. When we deeply care for one another, we discover just how rich our identity is in Christ.



Tent Badge White

2023 Kid's Camp

Kid's camp will be July 24 - 28 this year at Heath Valley. 




Leading a Child
to Christ


Great Investigation.jpg

The Great Investigation

Put your detective hats on and pull out those magnifying glasses as we join The Great Investigation to track down God’s plan for us. As each case is solved, a new clue will emerge that tells us how God seeks us, saves us, leads us, and how we can trust Him. 

Children's Musicals

Journey of Grace

Join our cast on their overnight camping trip where they learn about the grace of God! With high energy songs, witty dialogue, and a powerful message, this musical is a wonderful selection for a special program throughout the year including VBS or the Easter season. 6 high-energy songs make up this 34 minute musical

Journey of Grace.jpg

District Trailer

Our district has been blessed with a trailer filled with games and activities for our events involving children and youth.

Currently, the trailer contains a bounce house, a playground parachute, kickballs, cones, pool noodles and more! It's perfect for VBS, Church in the Park, and other church events that bring in your surrounding community. We want to enable you to show your community the love of Christ through deep relationships and fellowship.

Please do your best to take care of this resource. There is a nominal charge to renting the district trailer that goes towards upkeep of the trailer and its contents. 

If you are interested in utilizing the district trailer for an upcoming event, please fill out the this form, and we will notify you if the trailer is available that day. 

Thanks for submitting!

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